Are You Looking to Buy a Home In the Smoky Mountains Area?
There is no better choice for a buyer's broker in the Great Smoky Mountains real estate than ERA In The Smokies agents. Our area includes Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville and more! With our extensive MLS search and listings, the right home or investment property may be closer than you think!

Some home buying tips to have before you start the search process to help get you on your way whether you are a first time buyer or old pro!

Know How Much You Can Afford. If you have no idea, speak to a mortgage expert at your local bank or call a few lenders up to get a sense. Talk to a lender about a pre-approval letter.

Have an Earnest Money Deposit Available. This is usually is equal to 1-3%.

Set Back a Little Extra. Plan to have a little extra money available in case you want to do an inspection. Costs can range from $100-$800 and even more depending on how much you want inspected.

View Homes – Armed With the Right Tools. View as many homes as you possibly can. Come in comfortable clothing and armed with a level, a flashlight, an instant camera, a notebook, and measuring tape. Look into every nook and cranny and take notes so that you can review the viewing later.

Do Your Research. Research neighborhood property values, resell times and crime rates. Learn as much as possible about the area where you will be living.

Be Patient. During the time between the acceptance of the inspection and closing there is a brief time of silence where you might feel no one is doing anything. But this is the time where all the folks behind the scenes really start their work.

Pack Your Bags! At this point you can start packing and preparing your self to move. Contact the local post office of your move and have your mail forwarded. Close up any loose ends and prepare your children for the move.

For additional information on real estate in the Smoky Mountains and surrounding areas, contact the professional and qualified agents at ERA In The Smokies today!

Knowing and implementing these simple tips will help prepare you to make a good, solid offer. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We will get on a search for you right away!